Kids Ear Piercing

We offer kids ear piercing here at Eighth Empire for kids from September - May. We do not book tandems during the summer as kids are swimming, playing, and getting dirty. We want you to enjoy your summer and not worry about keeping them clean, dry and trauma free.


PLEASE read and respect our kids ear piercing policies.

Kids Ear Piercing Policies:

  • NEVER force your child to get their ears pierced! We believe in body autonomy and we will never penalize clients for deciding they do not want the service anymore. 

  • We only offer kids ear piercing for children 4 years old and older. Consent is key!

  • A parent or legal guardian must be present at the Eighth Empire and provide proof of indentity with government photo ID at time of piercing. If guardianship, court documents must be presented. No other family members or friends are legally allowed to sign and consent for your child.

  • We offer tandem piercing for children under 12. Tandem is booked on Tuesday evenings from 4-7. 

  • NO SWIMMING for 8 weeks after ear piercings. No lakes, swimming pools, ocean etc. Consider waiting until after swimming lessons, or family vacations for booking.

  • NO REMOVAL of jewelry at home for at least 6 months. Please consult the piercer before removing or changing jewelry. We always recommend making an appointment for any jewelry changes to provide a clean and professional switch-out. It is much faster and often easier on the child.

  • CLEAN ONLY WITH RECOMMEND STERILE SALINE SPRAY. (Nielmed WoundWash, Shoppers brand saline spray.) If using off-brand, check ingredients for additives. Anything other than sterile water and sodium chloride should be avoided. 

  • Do not clean with alcohols, peroxides, oils, or other ear piercing cleaners from claires etc. These products are often to strong and can burn and dry out the healing tissue. We only really need to be flushing the area

  • Do not use q-tips or cotton products for cleaning or drying. Clean paper towel is the only thing we recommend. Cotton products leave fibres that collect and wrap around jewelry increasing risk of infection and affecting healing time.

  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in having to remove jewelry, allow the piercing to heal and re-pierce at a later date.