Kids Ear Piercing

We offer kids ear piercing here at Eighth Empire for kids.


PLEASE read and respect our kids ear piercing policies.

Kids Ear Piercing Policies

  • NEVER force your child to get their ears pierced! We want this to be a pleasant experience for your child. Even if they are okay up until the appointment they do not NEED to have their ears pierced. It is better to wait till they are mentally ready to handle pain. 

  • We only offer kids ear piercing for children 4 years old and older ONLY.

  • The legal Guardian must be present at the Eighth Empire and prove government photo ID at time of piercing. No other family members or friends are legally allowed to bring in your child.

  • We will only pierce kids 7 years old and under TANDEM (both ears done at the same time by two piercers). We do, of course, offer ear tandem ear piercing for kids and adults 7 years old and older (available by request).

  • NO SWIMMING for 8 weeks after ear piercings. No lakes, swimming pools, ocean etc. (please consider this rule if your child is taking swimming lessons or you are planning a family vacation).

  • NO REMOVAL of jewelry for 6 months to 1 year. please consult the piercer before removing or changing the piercings. (please consider this rule if your child is enrolled in dance or other activities that require the removal/changing of jewelry).


  • I UNDERSTAND that failure to follow these guidelines may result in having to remove jewelry and replace at a later date for an additional cost.

Please also be advised that we only offer kids ear piercing on specific days. We also don't offer kids ear piercing during the summer, while kids are swimming and doing other outside activities that can affect healing.  Please call the studio to book your appointment